What’s The Difference Between A Slip and A Relapse?

Many people in recovery hear the terms slip and relapse, and wonder if they are the same thing. Sometimes slip and relapse are used interchangeably, so it can be confusing. Some addicts see them as the same thing, but really it depends on an individuals unique experiences with addiction. However, Most addiction professionals distinguish between slip and relapse by looking at the addict’s intention. A slip is a single unplanned use of alcohol or drugs. Relapse happens when a recovery plan is completely abandoned.

What do I do if have slipped in my addiction recovery?

Acknowledge the mistake. Reflect on why it happened. Make the decision to remain in recovery. Put in genuine effort to not let it happen again. Talking to your recovery coach, sponsor, therapist, loved ones, or anyone else in your support system will help you move past the slip. This may be hard, especially if you have feelings of remorse and guilt. However, these people want you to succeed, and they will help you avoid slips in the future. Express your feelings and find the resolve to return to sobriety. The danger of a slip, after all, is that it easily can snowball into relapse.

If you slip, do you return to day one?

Dr. Charlotte Kasl writes, “A slip does not erase the days of sobriety that preceded it. You can never take away a sober day. Some people think they have to start counting the days and months of sobriety all over if they relapse or have a slip. I think it is important to say the whole truth: ‘I stayed sober for two years, then I had a slip, and I’ve been sober for four years since then.’ It all counts.”

Indeed, it all counts: every day, every decision, every slip or relapse. The important thing is not to allow a slip or even a relapse to undermine your sober future. A mistake is not the end of your journey. It merely informs where you go from there, as you make your way down the road to recovery.

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